• "Big fan of the seamoss!! Bought a 16 oz. jar about a week ago and I love it. One tablespoon blended in my morning drink and I have energy for the entire day. Usually use it for work and exercise, after the work is done I still have plenty of energy to complete other tasks and errands. I definitely recommend the seamoss if you normally have low energy throughout the day"


  • "The seamoss gel is amazing. I noticed the difference in the energy I have, it’s not a crash after caffeine type of energy. I didn’t take it for a day or two and was wondering why I was feeling kind of blah then realized I hadn’t taken the seamoss gel! I got the peach pineapple flavored seamoss yesterday and it is amazing! Quick easy, convenient way to take the seamoss and not have to add it to something else. Sekhmet House Of Wellness cares about people and their health.Truly wonderful to work with and highly recommend!"


  • "I purchased 3 different juices. Each one tasted fresh and delicious, my favorite is the celery/apple/spinach juice. I will definitely continue ordering from Sekhmet House Of Wellness"


  • "The juice combos are bright and so tasty. I love that Fran offers juice combos each week based on what is fresh from local produce vendors. If you enjoy all the benefits of juicing but want to leave it to the professional, definitely order from Sekhmet House Of Wellness. You will not be disappointed."


  • "I placed an order and not only did I receive my bottles of brightly colored, crisp, fresh, and delicious tasting juice, but Fran dropped them at my house after my 12-hour shift! The juices taste great and give me a much needed boost. They make you feel like you are giving your body goodness."


  • I love the unflavored sea moss, I can add it into everything! I added it into my banana and strawberry shake I made this morning. I like it because at the age of 61, it gives me so much energy! I love that.


  • Fast shipping. Helps and aids in elimination, digestion, and bloating. When I first tried the product I was bloated and severely constipated. After a day or two I was no longer bloated and my stomach was feeling super flat. The product is not fast but works gradually, just be sure to consume plenty of water throughout the day along with the tea. Great Product!

    L. Smith

  • Thank you for the order! I like the mixed berry seamoss flavor, love the packaging and personalized message. Received two packages, one to use now and the other to freeze for later. Beautiful presentation and professionalism! Thanks for the prompt shipping & tailored ordering due to my health issues. #teamdiabetic

    ~E. Burks

  • I ran into this wonderful business while at a festival in San Antonio. I was able to meet the owner and her daughter. They were very pleasant and friendly people. The Sea-Moss Lemonade was delicious! I will definitely be ordering more!

    Candice Chaney

  • I came across this wonderful company on Facebook. The product came in the most impressive professional packaging. The seamoss gel itself had nice consistency and tasted GREAT! I will definitely be purchasing again.😃

    David Williamson

  • The presentation and professionalism was on point. I purchased a flavored seamoss. The flavored seamoss was smooth and tasty.


  • Ms. Thompkins is awesome she explained each product to you, the wellness products is awesome. I told her I didn’t like how seamoss tasted but with her products you don’t taste it at all, it's really good and good for you. Me and my family enjoy the drinks, it’s all about healing your body. My family enjoy the lemonade drink, my go-to is the tonic and the fruit infused sea moss. Ever since we all have start adding her product to our morning routine we feel so much better and I give my mom who’s 93 of age she takes everything too.

    Catherine Copeland

  • I’m so excited about this fruit infused Seamoss!! It’s amazingly flavorful and refreshing.. Aside of being so good, I felt more energetic, and just overall good all day! I have thyroid health issues and I had done some research on seamoss and it’s health benefits, I’m so glad I found this product. Definitely will be ordering more.

    Low Kick Slick

  • Had a sample of the Sea Moss Gel at a wellness festival and when I tell you that it gave me LIFE… it absolutely gave me a boost of calming energy that carried over into the following morning! Know my iron levels have been on the decline and my usual go-to remedy has been a bit difficult to find so I decided to go this route. So glad I did! Flavored Gel Moss is refreshing and delicious. Has the consistency of an organic applesauce. Really has picked my energy up from trying to peel myself out of bed to getting things done! Franchesca is very kind and helpful in providing info and benefits of using her products. There’s no question, I’ll be shopping with Sekhmet Wellness again.

    Arcie Caballero

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Fran at a local vendor wellness fair. She is incredibly nice and radiates a calming and positive energy. We spent a few minutes talking, and I can tell she is a lovely person with a great soul! On to her products! I have seen so many great things about the benefits of sea moss and I have been extremely eager to try it out. However, I was skeptical about ordering online. Today I had the pleasure of finding Sekhmat House of Wellness. I had many questions which she was very knowledgeable about and was kind enough to answer all of them. I tried a sample of the fruit infused sea moss gel and it was DELICIOUS! So excited to continue taking her sea-moss to reap all the benefits! The next thing I am stoked to try is her fresh juices, YUM!!!

    Cameron Stewart